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General information


The tournament:

  • Hockeyclub Hudito, Delft

  • 18th - 21st of May (Pentecoast weekend)

  • Hockeygames, but also beer and laying in the sun

  • Three nights of partying, including the never ending party

  • International teams

  • Men's, women's, and mixed teams

  • Games will last 25 minutes, 11 against 11 (men's & mixed) or 8 against 8 (women's)



The HHH-days are held at hockeyclub Hudito (Delft, Netherlands). The campingsite is on our gated complex, there is security present during the nights to watch over the campsite.



Important information:

  • Every team has the possibility to camp at our complex

  • Cars can be parked at the parkinglot next to Hudito

  • You can pay with a creditcard at our bar



  • Lockers for rent

  • Kaldi coffee cart on site

  • Snack truck, open during the night



  • A themed party on Saturday

  • A band on Sunday evening

  • Beerrace (beer included)

  • Festivalmatch





  • €575 per team (12 players), if you pay a down payment before April 1st.
  • After April 1st costs will be €595 per team (12 players) or €395 (women's team)
  • An additional person will cost €50
  • The minimum amount of players for ladies teams is 8
    (€375 per team of 8 players)
What do you get in return?
  • Each team will get a free locker for valuables
  • Dinner on Saturday and Sunday
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Breakfast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • A beer race, beer included
  • A DJ on Saturday, a band on Sunday
  • And of course: access to all the parties!
And lots of other entertaiment, partially brought by you!
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